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STEAKNIGHT’s 4th Of July Menu 0

STEAKNIGHT’s 4th Of July Menu

Posted in Recipes

There is no bigger grilling day then the 4th of July. Get your grill ready, the day is almost here. This is STEAKNIGHT’s 4th of July menu. Don’t forget to start preparing your menu today, your food...

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Leffe Blonde Belgian Ale Tasting 0

Leffe Blonde Belgian Ale Tasting

Posted in Beer, Reviews

Brewing techniques, unique mineral deposits, and water qualities have all to do with the flavor of the beer. Belgian ales have a really distinct, yeasty, highly carbonated quality that is a taste all unto...

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Troegs Pale Ale Review 0

Troegs Pale Ale Review

Posted in Reviews

As you may already know STEAKNIGHT is not only for the steak. We always try to expirence new beers, wines, scotches, cigars, ect..  Looking around for a new beer to try on our weekly STEAKNIGHT, I came...

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