As you may already know STEAKNIGHT is not only for the steak. We always try to expirence new beers, wines, scotches, cigars, ect.. 

Looking around for a new beer to try on our weekly STEAKNIGHT, I came accross a colorfull six-pack with an intresting name Troegs Pale Ale, and of course it was in the rated section of the store. I picked up 6 of these Pale Ales to see what it is all about. 

In our usual fashion we crack open a few and sample them before the actual drinking and STEAKNIGHT debauchery starts. At first sight the beer is bronze in color with visible flows of carbonation form top to bottom. Once poured you can see a nice head that is not to foamy and not to thin. At first glance it appears just right. Ok so we all know that a beer looks like a beer and it is all about how good it tastes. But before the firs sip you can’t help but notice the pleasant sweet orange scent. It actually had my tastebuds exploding and I couldn’t wait to take the first sip. Now I take the firs sip and you immediately get the citrus on the front and a clean earthy flavor on the back. The hops are not over powering and remain mild all the way through. The carbonation also allows you to enjoy the flavor of the beer and it combines creamy and crisp. 

I would definitely suggest trying out 2 or 30 of these well brewed drinkable beers.