Brewing techniques, unique mineral deposits, and water qualities have all to do with the flavor of the beer. Belgian ales have a really distinct, yeasty, highly carbonated quality that is a taste all unto itself. Leffe Blonde Belgian Ale, you’ll get a hint of orange and cinnamon. As we tried this 6.6 percent brew, I couldn’t help but wonder how much sampling the monks did in those monasteries, if they had enough of these I’m SURE they were feeling NICEEEE. Leffe has a distinct flavor and it may not be for everyone. If your a beer drinker you should try a Belgian ale at least once, you may be pleasently surprised.

This Belgian Ale pairs excellent with just about anything, but seems to work the best with a nice juicy steak.

A wide-mouth or chalice-type glass often is recommended for this type of beer. This is another beer that one 6 pack is enough to get the party going. STEAKNIGHT Magazine recently wrote an article on our top 5 beer picks, even though Leffe didn’t make that list it would however be our number 6 for sure. I love this brew!

You can find Leffe at, high-end markets, major grocery chains and beverage stores.Cost is around $9.99 for a six-pack of 11.2-ounce bottles.