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London Broil Marinade 1

London Broil Marinade

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Try this simple London Broil marinade and enjoy a delicous steak tomorrow! Be sure to follow steps for both Wet and Dry Ingredients. Dry Ingredients: 3 Tablespoons Of Garlic Powder 3 Tablespoons Dried...

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Staple Marinade 0

Staple Marinade

Posted in Recipes

This marinade is “THE” marinade. It is the one that everyone asks, “What is in that?” STEAKNIGHT has used this as it’s staple on a lot of steak over the years. It can be used on...

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Marinate or Not to Marinate 1

Marinate or Not to Marinate

Posted in Cooking

The ongoing argument of marination. The length of time you are marinating plays an important role on the final outcome. I would have to agree that it is simply crazy to marinate a $40 Prime Rib Eye for 3...

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