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Jagermeister NY Strip 0

Jagermeister NY Strip

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The time has come to break out the booze. We’re about to throw down some prime Jagermeister NY Strip. Intrigued? Here is the recipe, try it for yourself. Just let us know how it comes out when you...

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What Is Dry Aging? 0

What Is Dry Aging?

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Dry-aging beef means that once the animal is slaughtered and butchered, portions of the carcass are allowed to rest in very carefully controlled conditions (cool temperatures, with relatively high humidity)...

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Blue Cheese Vidalia Onions 0

Blue Cheese Vidalia Onions

Posted in Recipes

Usually I would take a few onions sliced thick and grill them up. Here is a delicious recipe we tried that pairs excellent with a nice ribeye, porterhouse, or a NY strip. You know come to think of it it...

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