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The UFC Weekend Spicy Beef Satay 1

The UFC Weekend Spicy Beef Satay

Posted in Recipes

OK fight fans in honor of UFC fight night we would like to share with you a crowd friendly recipe. Keep your eyes where they belong, on the fights, with this easy to serve, easy to eat Beef Satay it’s...

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Argentinian Skirt Steak 0

Argentinian Skirt Steak

Posted in Recipes

Last week on our STEAKNIGHT a new marinade had emerged. My friend Doc pulled this out and it became an instant favorite amoung the group. It was one of the most distinct flavors I have ever tasted. If I...

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21 Manly Man Adventures 0

21 Manly Man Adventures

Posted in Blog

Do you ever find yourself looking for something exciting, something that is out of the ordinary? I recently found an article from the Travel Channel which listed 21 Manly Man Adventures. Some of them are...

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What Is Dry Aging? 0

What Is Dry Aging?

Posted in Articles, Blog, Cooking

Dry-aging beef means that once the animal is slaughtered and butchered, portions of the carcass are allowed to rest in very carefully controlled conditions (cool temperatures, with relatively high humidity)...

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Skirt Steak Marinade 1

Skirt Steak Marinade

Posted in Recipes

One taste of this recipie and you will know your in for a treat. Wow, that couldn’t be more true, the skirt steak was loaded with flavor. You’ll love this one. Thanks to Sharon and John for the...

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The Guinness Marinade 0

The Guinness Marinade

Posted in Cooking, Recipes

Guinness is a dark stout beer that a lot of beer drinkers are a little weary about trying. Some people just don’t have the pallet for a stout beer, I agree it is an aquired taste.  I now thourglly...

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