The Ale House is a well known chain restaurant in a handfull of states including; Florida, Georgia, Illinois, NY, and Pennsylvania. I first expirenced this sports bar hang out while living in Florida. It seemed to always be the place to go for great food, beer, and some laughs with a few friends. The Ale House originated in Jupiter Florida in 1998.

Now we wont blow smoke and tell you that this is a 5 star joint. Sometimes the atmosphere is what makes it exciting. I can’t speak for all of the Ale Houses but this applies to a couple of the Florida chains. All around the food is delicious from their appetizers of  enormous loaded nachos, loaded french fries, chicken zingers, and their fabulous onion rings. But as far as i’m concerned, the stand out dish would be their Blackened Prime Rib Sandwich.

This giant meal is loaded up with a nice healthy piece of Blackened Prime Rib served on a garlic steak roll and topped with the Ale Houses amazing onion rings. The steak sandwich is always juicy and delicious. There is something special about serving a steak sandwich on garlic bread. It is certainly not for the faint of heart, and make sure you have some gum afterwards to mask the garlic. This meal, and a nice cold beer, just has a way of hitting the spot. All Ale House restaurants serve over 75 varieties of beer for you to choose from. 

So the next time your in their area be sure to check out the unbelievable Blackened Prime Rib Sandwich.