I’d never seen the Stone Cali-België IPA in a store in New jersey before, so when I did, I grabbed a bottle of it without knowing much about the beer. Basically the Stone Cali-België IPA is an American IPA fermented with Belgian yeast.


Stone Cali-België IPA


The head on this beer can get big quickly, be cautious, but generous as well since it is an IPA and you want a good head to open the aroma.


Thick white head, on top of a clear amber beer. Lots of bubbles rising from the bottom, great lacing, a pretty beer.


How luscious! A sweet cotton candy, bubble gum aroma. As you pour the beer you can really smell the American hops. Some beers really give you a sense of anticipation, this one especially. After smelling it, the hop head in me is excited to drink it.


Tastes as good as it smells, sweet caramel mixed with citric grapefruit. The sweetness, malt, citrus and bitterness is all nicely balanced together. The sweetness is dominate but it is not overwhelming, but pleasant.


I wish I had another one. I love the flavor and aroma making this a complete beer. The 6.7% abv is hidden making this an easy drinking beer.

Food Pairing:

This is a sweet beer with a bunch of aroma hops, I would love this with a spice shrimp salad.

Dietary Information:

6.7% abv sweet beer would give you about 225 calories per 12oz

Glassware: Tulip Glass

Tasting Method: 22oz bottle

Simply Beer Rating: 94

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