Over the years I have grown to like “good beers.” When you’re younger it’s all about how many beers can you suck down in the least amount of time. While that was great and all, as you get older you tend to not want to pee 457 times in a 3 hour peiord. Why I waited this long to see what else is out there is beyond me. Now that we have done all the painstaking work of tasting delicous beers we would like to share our top 5 beers with you.

  1. Aventinus
  2. Chimay (Red)
  3. Chimay (Blue)
  4. Dog Fish Head 90 Minute IPA   & Dog Fish Head Indian Brown Ale (Not shown, probably because we drank them all) (I apoligize for having two beers in 4th place but once you try them you will know why)
  5. Hoegaarden

Next time you go out to grab a few beers, skip the Coors Light and pick up some of these bad boys. You and your friends will not be sorry, I promise. Let us know if you like these as much as we do.