So last night was yet another successful STEAKNIGHT. I made my weekly trip to the liquor store and walked over to my favorite section. That section consists of all their rated beers. I grab a couple of the old faithfuls, Aventinus that is. I look left and notice A Sam Adams bottle in my rated section. The large bottle with the embossed silver label is what caught my attention. I was so curious to see what it was all about, plus chocolate and beer was definitely intriguing. I grab hold of the bottle and noticed the price $13.99 for each 750-milliliter bottle Oooff! I contemplated putting it back, but it was STEAKNIGHT and we are always trying to find the next best thing. You will never know what is new and different if you don’t try different things. 

So my new friends and I arrive at this weeks STEAKNIGHT location and I immediately grab two glasses and crack open this $14.00 bottle. The first thing I notice is that it doesn’t have a typical phstttttttt sound you hear when you pull off the cap. Pouring into the glass you can see the extreme dark cola like color. The head of the beer is practically non exinsistant looked almost  flat.

We clang our glasses. Before our first sip the chocolate smell hits you, and that just excites my taste buds even further. The taste of this beer is without a doubt chocolate and the flavor is smooth and delicious. A sweetness comes through and finishes with very little bitterness, surprising for such a dark beer. The body of the beer is another story, it was a bit disappointing. Not only did it look flat but it tasted flat as well. It was like only getting half of a beer, you need both the taste and fizziness to have a complete package.  

Over all would I grab another one of these? Maybe. I wouldn’t tell you not to go and try this beer, but I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it. The flavor is very distinct unlike any beer I ever had and it may have to be revisited again. 

Let us know what you think of yours.