Commander and Chef: Obama cooks with Bobby Flay. Great video of the President and Bobby Flay cooking outside of the White House.

Good for you Bobby Flay, cooking with the top brass. Great video, it looked like you guys knew each other for years. 

(NECN) – After an event promoting the importance of being a good father, President Obama got some grilling advice from celebrity chef Bobby Flay.Flay showed Obama how to grill the perfect steak.Obama wanted to take a peak at how the steaks were cooking, but Flay wouldn’t let him. He told the president that to let the grill do its job.”You don’t take a little peak?” the president asked. Flay explained that you will know when to flip the steak when you see the edges start to char. Obama replied, “so if you flip it twice, that means you can’t really grill.” Flay laughed, and said “let’s not go that far.”