The Party Starter

"The Party Starter"

Please allow me the privilege to introduce to you one of the greatest beers I have ever had the honor of tasting. Ladies and gentleman I give you the Aventinus wheat doppelbock. A STEAKNIGHT regular since day one.

If you enjoy “good beer” this one will make it to the top of your list. All it takes is one taste and you will be hooked. Pour your Aventinus into a chilled glass and right away you get a great wheat smell, not burnt and to sweet like many american wheat beers.

Take your first sip, the flavor is perfect, probably as good as it gets for this type of beer. Right away you will taste the hints of chocolate and other dark fruits. The hops are not totally gone either, the taste has sort of bite to it. There is some bitterness in the beginning, but then it fades into a malt sweetness. To my recollection, Aventinus is one of the smoothest tasting beers that I have ever tasted. You can taste that the Schneider-Weisse company put a lot of time into brewing this masterpiece. It’s pretty amazing product and quite exceptional. The carbonation is also well done, and has the perfect consistency. This beer didn’t receive a 99 rating for nothing. 

Be careful, they go down quite easy and have the ability to catch up on you very easy. It’s a nice strong beer at 8.2% alcohol by volume, and about as German a beer as a beer can get. 3 of these bad boys is enough for the entire night . That’s why Aventinus earned its nickname “the party starter.” Did I hear a little snicker when I said  “3 beers?”  Ok hot shot the test is yours, take down 3,  just 3 of these and post about the way you feel right afterwards. If you can see your keyboard that is. Oh, I may have forgotten to mention that these beers only come in 16.9oz bottles. 

Brewers Notes:

Schneider Aventinus Germany (16.9oz)Rubin dark, almost black, fine, top-crossed yeast, the beer has a compact, stable and long-lasting foam. This heavy-wheat beer is very intense and complex in the nose and has a spicy-chocolate flavor with a touch of banana and raisins. The soft palate undergoes a touch on the tongue, it is very rich, compact and yet fresh, with a hint of caramel. In the end it leaves a strong, softly rounded, recent impression with a light and subtle bitterness.