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The UFC Weekend Spicy Beef Satay 1

The UFC Weekend Spicy Beef Satay

Posted in Recipes

OK fight fans in honor of UFC fight night we would like to share with you a crowd friendly recipe. Keep your eyes where they belong, on the fights, with this easy to serve, easy to eat Beef Satay it’s...

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What Is Dry Aging? 0

What Is Dry Aging?

Posted in Articles, Blog, Cooking

Dry-aging beef means that once the animal is slaughtered and butchered, portions of the carcass are allowed to rest in very carefully controlled conditions (cool temperatures, with relatively high humidity)...

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Dieting With Lean Beef 0

Dieting With Lean Beef

Posted in Health & Fitness

We know that a lot of you out there are diet conscience and would like to keep yourself in shape (other than round). A combination of smart healthy eating and exercise are the two keys to achieve just that....

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