We provide a “real” perspective to our articles. Made up of a small group of people who enjoy cooking, going out, and having a good time. We are not, nor claim to be professional writers, chefs, or critics. The purpose of STEAKNIGHT MAGAZINE is to inform, entertain, and share. That is not to say that we will not critique a restaurant, but when we do it will be “real”. Damn the politics, we are tired of the professionals, lets hear from you, the public, the “real” people.

How did my friend like that place last night? Isn’t that who you would ask anyway? Let us know. You can become a part of STEAKNIGHT MAGAZINE, not just a reader. Go enjoy a night out and tell us what you thought. If you think your night sucked because the service was bad or the food was horrible, post it, save someone else from having a bad experience. If you believe in giving credit were credit is due, then let us know how much you enjoyed yourself. We will keep this magazine “real” so when you read it and try a place based on our comments you will enjoy it.

Restaurant owners, get involved tell us what you have going on. At STEAKNIGHT MAGAZINE you will have the opportunity to let the public know about you for FREE.

Reviews and recipes are just a small portion of what you can expect to see from STEAKNIGHT MAGAZINE.

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