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Steaknight Magazine Panzanella Salad 0

Steaknight Magazine Panzanella Salad

Posted in Recipes

  A little freshness for everyone. How about a some Italian Bread salad (Panzanella) for the side of tonights juicy steak? Ingredients: 1 loaf Italian bread about 8 to 10 cups 3 large tomatoes 2 cloves...

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Salting Your Steak 2

Salting Your Steak

Posted in Grilling Tips

If you don’t have prime steak and you want to go marinade free there is a simple effective technique called salting. This will take a choice cut of meat and tenderize to almost prime status in 1 hour....

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Jagermeister NY Strip 0

Jagermeister NY Strip

Posted in Recipes

The time has come to break out the booze. We’re about to throw down some prime Jagermeister NY Strip. Intrigued? Here is the recipe, try it for yourself. Just let us know how it comes out when you do....

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Recipe for the Perfect Steak 0

Recipe for the Perfect Steak

Posted in Recipes

Conditions vary so use the following as a guideline; with observation, adjustment and a little practice, you’ll get consistently good results. Remove steak from refrigerator about 1 hour before cooking....

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STEAKNIGHT Song and dance 0

STEAKNIGHT Song and dance

Posted in Blog

Scrubs may enjoy STEAKNIGHT as much as we do. A STEAKNIGHT song and dance seems only proper. Would you like to see our STEAKNIGHT crew preform our own STEAKNIGHT song and dance number? If enough of you...

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Troegs Pale Ale Review 0

Troegs Pale Ale Review

Posted in Reviews

As you may already know STEAKNIGHT is not only for the steak. We always try to expirence new beers, wines, scotches, cigars, ect..  Looking around for a new beer to try on our weekly STEAKNIGHT, I came...

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